Terms & Conditions

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Here at SigniaSigning we aim to maintain a good relationship with all clients. We are committed to providing high quality education and a supportive learning environment for all our students.

Feedback from students is always welcomed as it gives us an opportunity to improve the services and courses we provide. We at SigniaSigning aim to try and resolve all complaints at grass roots stage; we hope to provide an environment where issues and concerns can be raised freely.

Taking this into account we also understand that not all problems can be solved this way and further action may need to be taken. With our complaints procedure we aim to provide an accessible, fair and effective system providing a swift and appropriate response.

SigniaSigning aims to facilitate informal and early resolution to any complaints. When a complaint is received we will send confirmation of receiving the complaint and investigate the grievance thoroughly.

Through investigation confidentiality will be maintained to safeguard the interests of everybody concerned unless disclosure is necessary to progress the complaint. It is expected everybody involved will maintain confidentiality. If an individual is complained about they have the right to be informed by SigniaSigning.

Refund Policy

Refunds are only granted under certain circumstances and in accordance with this Policy

Exceptional Circumstances:

The following is considered to be an exceptional circumstance and will automatically entitle you to a refund of any course fees:

  1. Course is cancelled by Signia signing

The following circumstances are not exceptional circumstances and do not automatically entitle you to a refund:

  1. Learner moves out of the area
  2. Learner changes employment
  3. Learner develops a medical problem
  4. Learner changes their mind.
  5. Learner withdraws from course

Request for refund

If you cancel your enrolment before the course starts there is NO automatic refund of fees.